Thursday, September 03, 2009


Update Maia is getting help let's hope she sticks with it and get's the help she needs: READ THE UPDATE HERE

Okay so apparently people are saddened and shocked over the appearance of Maia Campbell in the above latest video. If you don't know who she is, she is the girl that played Tiffany in the LL cool J show In The House. She is also the daughter of the late author BeBe Moore Campbell. She was also the main character in the Tyrese video Lately she also had other bit roles here and there but none so prominent as the show In The House,

The video that had surfaced to let everyone know that Maia was indeed either starting to loose her mind or she was already gone sent shock waves through the urban community in 2007:

Maia Campbell - The funniest videos clips are here

Maia had been diagnosed with bipolarity her late mother spoke on it and even wrote numerous books about mental illness before she herself died of brain cancer at the age of 56. Apparently Maia refuses to take her meds and she has turned to a life of petty crimes, stealing, selling her body so that she can get drugs. Some people have gone even so far as to say that she has schizophrenia but I don't know where they got that information from. I don't know the woman personally just watching her on different programs and videos and even reading a lot of her late mothers writings I guess I feel like she is one of the west coast own so in a 7 degrees of separation kind of sense of community I feel like I do know her.

The truth is though a lot of the people in the entertainment business is on something, they all use something to escape the pressure cooker of being under a microscope 24/7, they never get to turn the spotlight off they have vices some more deadlier than others. I'm a firm believer in you can't force a grown person to do anything if they don't want to do it. If she doesn't want to get help for herself and rather be out on the streets what can you do short of snatching her up and locking her down some where. I feel bad for her children and husband who have to go through this and watch from afar as Maia falls apart. Addiction is something that is hard to cope with especially when a loved one is suffering in a self destructive kind of way. I hope that where ever her kids are they are shielded from the ugliness that is their mother right now, and I honestly hope that she does get help.

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